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A new and modern Pakistan is coming into being on the golden shores of Makran. As the lynching of the visionary China Pakistan Economic Corridor, which itself is a crucial part of the Chinese “One Belt One Road” initiative, Gwadar’s time to shine has finally arrived. The busiest and most important road in the gargantuan CPEC project is the Makran Coastal Highway that links Iran to Karachi running through Gwadar. It is precisely on this most important of thoroughfares, merely a few minutes drive from pristine beautiful shores that Rafi Group is proud to introduce our Green Palms Housing Project. To one side of this highway exists the Gwadar city while on the other side is the site for Pakistan’s largest and most modern Airport, Gwadar International Airport. The significance of Gwadar from geographical, political and economic viewpoint cannot be understated.

Gwadar, like Karachi and Islamabad, is a strategic city. There is no denying the fact that the development of a strategic city and the ratio of investment made therein are much higher as compared to the other cities. A good comparative example from a review of the last 70 years of Pakistan’s history reveals the case of Karachi. At the nations inception, It is clear that the other major cities of Pakistan were considered more modern and developed then Karachi. In fact, Karachi, like that of today’s Gwadar, was considered a city of little import and a relative backwater. In those days, Bombay was the largest and most important port of this continent whereas the Karachi Port was conceived as an ordinary Port used mostly for fishing vessels. As Pakistan came into existence Karachi attained the status of the only Port for the West Pakistan area, such a unique status eventually led it to become a Strategic Port City. After gaining eminence with every passing year a sharp surge in investment as well as development was witnessed in Karachi relative to other cities. Today, Karachi has emerged as the most populated city as well as the major trade hub of Pakistan, the city alone is responsible for 20 percent of the national GDP. Likewise, before attaining the status of a capital city, the price of land in Islamabad was much lower than other major population centers. However, an increase in strategic importance followed by the award of the status of capital, naturally resulted in huge investments as well as an escalation in the price of land there. If an holistic comparison be drawn it is clear that Karachi and Islamabad have developed much more rapidly than other cities in the country. The primary reason for the increase in investment, development and land prices is the increase in fundamental strategic importance of those cities.

We are once again witnessing the birth of Pakistani Strategic city. The price of land is extremely low in Gwadar at this time which will quickly escalate exponentially in the time ahead. There are no two opinions on the matter that the value of land in a strategic city shoots up rapidly when compared with the ordinary cities. Gwadar shall have the status of a mutual strategic port of both Pakistan and China and the very fact will prove to be a milestone in Gwadar becoming an important pillar of the economy of Pakistan akin to Islamabad and Karachi. An opportunity exists for unbelievable profits, to start something new, an opportunity to be part of and own the future of our proud nation. In short It gives me great pleasure to provide our clients with an opportunity of a lifetime.

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